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dj oily shoes wearing a frock a day in october all in the name of ovarian cancer research #frocktober2017

this wrinkle in time, can’t give it no credit

Day 19 was a low-effort day from me, and still it somehow attracted donations for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and compliments on my frock – sweet and bewildering!

Thank you to Nat for her donation and for always being such a great pal in the parenting journey and for having great style. And thank you to Sylvia for her donation and for agreeing to have her photo appear on my blog at the start of the month and for her patience with my PMF learning!

img_3807I knew I was going to spend all day on Day 19 in a training room, so I just wanted comfort and ease, which is why I wore this very old second-hand Katie’s frock which came from an op shop at some historical point in my life. It’s old and pilled and held together in one place by a safety pin, and I wore it with daggy clunky old brown op shop shoes. But somehow every single time I wear this frock, I receive compliments. So thank you to those people who saw some semblance of pretty where I just saw comfort.


Yesterday’s donations nudged me over the $3000 point (amazing! thank you!) and we’re still climbing towards $4500 for the Frock This Town Team. Every donation is welcome and very much appreciated.


i’m singing for you and i hope that you’re singing for me

Day 18 was a hot one! Not only weather-wise, but for donations too!

Today the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation received a donation from Jan who evidently thought my Lady in Red attempt wasn’t too girly. Thanks Jan for always being such a great supporter!

I also had a lovely surprise donation arrive from Frisky Librarian who I’ve followed on Twitter and Instagram over the years. It’s always a bit of a surprise when you realise that someone you “know” from online is a real person and cares enough to take an interest in your self-indulgent selfies. Thank you Jayne! I accessorised with a rather ridiculous pink glittery bow and a Love is Love pin.

I ditched the pretty white bow around my waist after the first photo and enjoyed the breeziness of this frock for the rest of the day.Right through until 10pm on my evening dog walk.

Did I mention that my Frocktober is part of a team effort this year? I knew it was an impossible task to try and raise $4600 again on my own, but if I teamed up maybe it would be possible. So on my team are Tamara and Kylie, and they are doing great. As a team we’ve almost hit $4000, and I reckon it might just be possible to beat my total from last year. Would you like to try and help us get there?  Just click here.


the sun’ll come out

On Day 16, the lovely Jan commented that she waiting for a Lady in Red look from me, so on Day 17 I reached towards the red end of my wardrobe (yes, I hang my frocks arranged by colour) and found this little number.

When I wore this last year, I felt like I was channelling Orphan Annie.

And a couple of people made that comparison this year – Hi Di! Hi Nat!

But I had a weird feeling that by adding the black belt and with the green hair and wall, I might be looking more Mrs Claus than Annie.

And you know that when I got this frock, I really wanted to look like Justine Clarke.

So I’m not sure if any of those looks really meet Jan’s Lady in Red hopes. I’m not sure I’ve made Chris de Burgh proud.

But I’ll tell you who’s made me proud: Bethia! I’m delighted that one of the ultimate ladies in red (hair) has made a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation via my donation page. Will you join her?

Today’s pin says “Look on the Bright Side” but I pretended it said “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”.


just like the ones i used to know

On Day 16 of Frocktober I couldn’t resist this Lindy Bop frock which I can’t help but think of as a Christmas frock, especially when I wear it with my red and white BAIT Ione shoes.

img_3709But as the clever and always-lateral-thinking Emma pointed out when she made a generous contribution to OCRF on my donation page, it doesn’t have to be a Christmas dress… it may just be a Swiss dress! Of course, she’s thinking that because she’s in Lucerne right now. I’m happy for my frocks to be interpreted in any way that inspires a donation. So Swiss it is… thanks Emma!

Thanks also to Michelle for affirming my “Stylish Eilis” self-descriptor. Your support is much appreciated, not only by me but by the far more interesting Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and all who benefit from their important work.

img_3726My day definitely had some “tell me why I don’t like Mondays” moments and I was very tempted to hide from the world for a bit. But I’m glad I got back up again and went outside with the mini-photographer because the next thing I did in my frock was this:

img_3728Running up and down the street holding the back of her new bike while she figured out how to ride. It really wasn’t long before I wasn’t needed and this is what happened:

Girls rock! Especially this one! She had a huge burst of achievement and pride, and I got such a mood boost from seeing her finally master this elusive skill.

So hooray for mini-photographers and hooray for ovarian cancer researchers (and heck, all the other medical scientists out there) and hooray for frocks that can be interpreted in any way that makes you happy. Go team!

That link again, for anyone feeling the love and wanting to send a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation is Tell the world! Share it with your friends! Or just discreetly visit it yourself, I don’t mind.


hit that perfect beat

On Day 15 we had a visit from two of my biggest supporters, Mum and Dad.

img_3673Once again, it was the perfect weather to be out and about in, so we cruised the streets of Wezza with them and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Mondell’s.

img_3696Then in the afternoon we took ourselves across town to the Melbourne Marching Girls reunion/relaunch/reboot.

img_3698Just like on Day 14, I was wearing a favourite op shop dress. This one came from Vinnies. In the afternoon I wore it with my Wonder Woman socks that Kristen got for me. I just thought the outfit wasn’t busy enough without the socks and sandals. And the colours go perfectly.

At the Marching Girls meet-up, we got a preview of our costume for next year’s Mardi Gras, which unfortunately does not feature frocks.

But we also had the chance to reminisce about frocks we have worn and loved to Mardi Gras past.

A generous donation arrived in the virtual donation jar today. Lots of love to you, Bernie, for always being such an enthusiastic supporter of my ridiculousness.

If anyone else would like to enthusiastically support my ridiculousness, my donation jar is clickable right here. We’re hurtling towards the $3000 figure. Can we do it?

i wouldn’t ever want to rush you

On the morning of Day 14 I realised it was too nice a day to spend it indoors being screen zombies, so I bundled up the mini-photographer and took her off for a day out, me wearing an old, old Salvos favourite frock and Converse sneakers.

img_3609img_3606In a lovely co-incidence we ran into Brenda of 13acres, who I had met last week at the fancy Frocktober cocktail party. Folks, for her Frocktober efforts this year she is selling Frocking Good Cards featuring her photography work, with images of a woman wearing frocks in the north east Victorian countryside. They’re gorgeous cards suitable for lots of occasions. I’ve ordered a pack and I recommend you get over there and order one too.

After the market we went and caught up with some friends at the Happy River Café, where we enjoyed some totem tennis over our lunch – luckily I was wearing sporting shoes for the occasion.

img_3615After lunch we had a good game of hide and seek. In this pic I’m hiding behind a tree and you can see the mini-photographer seeking me in the background.

img_3635And here, she’s trying to teach me some Spanish dance moves. We need a bit more practice. Ole!img_3626After hide and seek we wanted to play more games so we took ourselves off to Timezone and played arcade games and won trashy stuff.

img_3652Finally we had worn ourselves out and we headed home where I counted up the donations in my jar from selling the rest of the bickies and taking donations in exchange for requests on Friday night, and we had collected $138.30! That went straight to my donation page.  Then I quickly re-charged my personal batteries with an extra-strong power pack, and changed into frock two for the day.

img_3666I DJ Oily Shoesed my way over the The Park for good music (and some bad music) and good times in this Hell Bunny frock which I didn’t get a proper full-length pic of (but if you really want to see it, you can see it on last year’s Day 28 blog post).

And before I knew it, Day 14 was over and I was sneaking in at home in the wee small hours of Day 15.


change it and see

Day 13 of Frocktober was Friday the 13th, but I didn’t let that freak me out. I had to find a way to do casual Friday at work and also to go DJing at night. I settled on my favourite neutral – leopard skin – and two outfits around that.

For work I wore it with the yellow cardi from Day 12 that was lying on the end of my bed, plus leggings and glitter sneakers. ​

​I accessorised with a Jubly Umph necklace and my Frocktober badge, and when I got home there was a new Veronica Dearly pin waiting for me which says “keep it creepy” so I added that for extra Friday the thirteenthness.

After work it was time to head to Littlefoot to get the punters dancing. Out of laziness and a vague panic that I’ll run out of frocks, I wore the same frock and leggings and changed the cardi and shoes.

I thought my Chocolaticas deserved a pic of their own:

DJ Ange and I played requests in exchange for donations, and sold off the rest of the biscuits from the Bake Sale, to keep the cash trickling in for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Huge shout-out to the woman who bought all the remaining biscuits for $50! Also a shout-out to the ever-stylin’ Maddie who made a donation via my donation page yesterday. Many thanks!

Your donations are always welcome – just click here.

now listen, we’re stepping out

On Day 12 I accidentally went patriotic in a green second-hand no-ironing-needed frock and a yellow (gold? mustard?) cardigan from Kitty Deluxe. I didn’t realise it was such a  obvious Aussie Aussie Aussie look until I arrived at work and heard someone yelling from their car “Hey Aussie!” (Hi Jasna!).

IMG_3513I accessorised with an Erstwilder Eastern Barred Bandicoot brooch and some Ample Armoury bangles. Oh, and green hair.

IMG_3479Today I sold more cupcakes and bickies which will top up the funds from the Bake Sale. And of course this meant more opportunities to talk about ovarian cancer. Did you know that there’s no screening test? A pap smear won’t pick it up, and there are no tell-tale symptoms. In fact, ovarian cancer symptoms are just like a bunch of vague symptoms that all women get from time to time:

  • Vague abdominal pain or pressure
  • Feeling of abdominal fullness, gas, nausea, indigestion – different to your normal sensations
  • Sudden abdominal swelling, weight gain or bloating
  • Persistent changes in bowel or bladder patterns
  • Low backache or cramps
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Unexplained weight loss

So it’s important to tune in to your body and know if your body is telling you something – that things are changing, persisting, or feeling unusual for your body. It’s worth checking it out with your doctor.


Tonight I took the dog for a walk and you’ll be pleased to know I didn’t cheat. I just popped my trackie dacks on over my frock.

IMG_3526If you think that’s dedication to the ovarian cancer research cause, maybe you’d like to donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation at my donation page. That’s exactly what my workmate Eliel did today, and I’m grateful for his generosity.

i dedicate a song to you

Day 11 was delicious, mostly because of the Bake Sale we held at work. I chose a frock that was a bit silly but fabulous, because I knew it would start conversations and we’d get to talk about Frocktober and ovarian cancer research.

This is a Lady V London frock which I bought from Kitty Deluxe. I also got the pink cardi from there. Those shoes are silver glitter maryjanes which I’ve had for many years which keep on keeping on. Recently I realised the glitter was starting to wear off in places, so I bought a can of glitter spray paint and spruced them up and they’re good as gold silver.

We did some baking at home over the previous couple of days, and so did some lovely people from work, and at morning coffee time we popped up near the Tuckshop to offer sweet treats in exchange for a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Thank you Sharyn, Racheal, Miriam and Georgie, you gorgeous frockstars!

img_3411img_3404img_3401img_3402After seeing that how delicious that spread was, it may not surprise you to learn that the good and  hungry staff of Wyndham City Council donated $468.70 over morning tea! Amazing!

Also amazing were the donations that rolled in through my donation page on Day 11, including ones from Jasna who adds style to our office, Kate who was wowed by the kittens on my frock, and Liz who I plan to kick off Pantsvember with in tropical style this year. Thank you, lovely ones! More donations are always welcome at the donation page.

I spent my evening last night with Stephen from Salon Vogue. I thought I was just going to go and get the fluffy bits of my hair clippered to keep me looking tidy in Frocktober. Nek minnit…


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