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dj oily shoes wearing a frock a day in october all in the name of ovarian cancer research #frocktober2016

her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you

Wonderful frockstars! It’s Pantsvember and things have been pantsy for 11 days now. On the plus side, I don’t have to think about whether I’ve already worn my daily outfit already this month, and I don’t have to fiddle with the self-timer button on my phone camera and I don’t have to dream up stylish colour combinations. On the minus side, I don’t look as fabulous.

But on the very big plus side, we have raised $4608.44 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation!

I can hardly believe it! At the start of Frocktober I set myself a target of $3000, which was a bit more than I raised last year and I knew I was going to have to work hard to raise that amount again. But you all came to the party and went 50% over and above. Thank you so much!

I want to send a very warm thank you to Mum & Dad, Aunty Lil & Uncle Steve, Melinda, Cristina & Sabdha, Jenny, Alex, Elise, Arlo & Vivien, Emily, Cheryl & Lachlan, Trish, Kelly, Sally, Marilyn & Michael, Mette, Bethia, Troy & Melissa, Deb, Leslie, Owlie McOwlerson, Misty, Maddie, Mark, Nicky, Finn & Leila, Mirella, Nat, Fluffy and the Fluffettes, Friend of Fluffy, Ky, Thoa & Patrick, Brian, Jasna, Al, Nicole, Bernie, Jan, Nick, Mary, Renae, Carol & Greg, Jamie & Catherine, Sandra, Jen, Diana, Meredith, Dee & Dame, Fiona, GA Gregory, Anne, Jason, Kate, Susan, Ken & Orla, the Belmonts, Kate, Elyse, Sarah, Tonia, Beck, Tamara, Sarah, Liz, Andrea, Alison, Owen, Kate, Sacha & Anna, and the good folk at Ample Armoury, Littlefoot Bar, and Wyndham City Council. All of you either gave in to my pester power, or generously stepped forward with your hard-earned money to support my crazy campaign.

Together we’re adding a not-insignificant amount into the funding source that will support clever and committed scientists to search for an early detection test for this horrible cancer.

What will next year hold? How can we possibly top this amount? I’m thinking a team effort next year, so frock-wearers (and maybe even not-usually-frock-wearers) start thinking about joining Team Oily Shoes next year. I’ll come op shopping with you if you need to stock up!

For now, I’ll leave you with a montage of this year’s frocks for your review.



Get raw with the fever on the dance floor

The final day of Frocktober was a chance to wear two of my favourite frocks. 

This sailor one is a Hell Bunny which is my absolute fave at the moment. Normally I would accessorise it predictably with red, like I do so many other frocks.

Flashback to me and the mini-photographer in our best frocks, heading off to see Sound of Music.

But this time I broke the mould and wore a maroon cardigan and a single white Ample Armoury bangle.

After a quiet day at work, I was heading out to DJ while the mini-photographer and the ginger photographer were heading out to trick or treat with the Jamily Family. Anna Jamily was also celebrating her final day of Frocktober with this spectacular look.

If you agree that this look is out of this world and you’d like to send her a last minute sponsorship, her page is here:

I took the opportunity to see out Frocktober with a bang with this look:

It’s a Tatyana frock, with pink fishnets over hot pink tights and my Habana Flowers Hot Chocolate platforms and random cheap accessories – to my dismay I left my hot pink and gold Ample Armoury bangle at home!

I was playing at Littlefoot who have been so generous with their charity jar in support of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. I expect their donation will be the final one to my sponsorship page, so I’ll hold back from announcing my total for a few days. So if you’ve been meaning to send a donation, it’s not too late. The link is here:

A few gorgeous people sent through donations on my last day, including Kate, Liz, Sarah, Tamara and Beck. Not to mention Ample Armoury who sent a generous donation which brightened up my day in the same way that their bangle brightened up so many of my outfits this month. Thank you all!

And that, my frock star friends, pretty much brings Frocktober to a close. I’ll be back with a round-up post, so for now it’s thanks for your perseverance and generous support. 

Every day is like Sunday

On Day 30 we woke to a warm morning. I had a bit of work to do around the house and probably would have stayed in my PJs to get it done, but it was too warm to stay in flannel. So I was into my Hell Bunny Muertos frock (but still in slippers). Once again, getting into the Halloween spirit.

The mini-photographer and I took a car-load of unsold items from the car boot sale to Vinnies, where we hope they will find new homes with stylish bargain hunters and support St Vincent De Paul Society to keep supporting people in need. According to their vision statement:

We do this by respecting their dignity, sharing our hope, and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny.

I’m glad to support their work – heaven knows, I’ve been shopping there for decades! And my Mum and Dad have volunteered for them for years. So car boot sale donors – I’m confident your donations will support important work, even if I didn’t sell all your items for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

We then took my frock to Werribee Plaza – sorry, Pacific Werribee. (I’ll never get used to the faux posh new name.)

It might look like I was trying to give you a look at my pink hair flower here, but I was really just checking that my bags hadn’t been nicked.

In case you’ve forgotten what Frocktober was all about in the first place, pay a visit to the Frocktober Facebook page at this link and read the story of Vicky White and her daughters Laura and Elina. Too many wonderful women are lost to ovarian cancer, and their families and friends are devastated at how quickly life can change.

My friend Deb reminded me on Friday night that beloved Melbourne comedian and Deb’s dear friend, Lynda Gibson, died after battling ovarian cancer. I loved her as Matron Dorothy Conniving-Bitch.

Cancer is confronting and unfair. Ovarian cancer seems particularly so. That’s why I’m doing Frocktober.

Folks, we’re almost at the finish line and I have a couple of my favourite frocks lined up for the 31st so let’s make it a spectacular finish. If you were saving up your donation until the end, now might be the time to jump in at

On an island in the sun we’ll be playing and having fun

After a late Friday night (again!) I was up early for a community meeting for work. I had to get ready in a bit of a hurry, so just threw on this Hell Bunny Souvenir frock, decorated with a retro Fiji souvenir tea towel print. Accordingly, the weather was vaguely Fiji-ish. I mean that in a pleasant sunny way, not in a day 1 of Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X evacuated to safety way.

I managed to get these pics to show you the frock from a few angles before spilling goat curry on it and going to bed early.

In the mean time, Tonia With An Eye generously gave to my sponsorship page. Thank you, gorgeous Frockstar!

We’re almost there now, folks. Last minute sponsorships welcome over at

If love is a red dress, well hang me in rags

Day 28 was a Friday. Most Fridays in Frocktober I’ve worn a frock that took me from office to pub, but I went with a different game plan this time.

I started the day in this red Collectif frock, which I paired with my favourite navy cardigan in order to comply with the corporate colour guide (not really, but you can see how well my outfit went with my name tag). I accessorised with a brooch of two girls wearing frocks (also in the corporate colours) which I thought was a bit meta.

When I got home I wanted to get the tight clothes off and let it all hang out so I changed into this old Big W frock.

I later wore this frock around to my old mate Meredith’s house, to pick up another frock that she had borrowed.

Meredith’s nice lounge room made my daggy old frock look vaguely good.

Finally, I changed into frock 3 which Meredith rocked on stage with the Decibelles in their Hells Belles show. (You can see her here – centre shot in the ninth pic down).

This is the Hell Bunny sugar skull pencil dress. I figured the skulls helped get into the Halloween weekend mood.

Because I had so thoroughly passed my fundraising target, I decided to help out a frock sister by putting my DJ fee towards her total, so I sent a donation to Tonia With An Eye, who has been there for every Frocktober that I’ve done and who has an eclectic array of frocks and always a witty caption to add on Instagram.

I’d like to thank Elyse and Sarah for cheering me towards the finishing line – every last donation counts, especially towards the end. 

Thanks for dropping by my blog even at this late stage of the month. Please leave the premises quietly and avoid disturbing the local residents.

Hey soul sister 

Day 27 began with a false start. I had an outfit in mind and I pulled it all together in the half-light of the early-morning bedroom before realising I had a huge ladder in my bright green stockings.

Game over before it began – I no longer had tights to match the scarf and the whole outfit had to be scrapped because I refuse to wear all black. You know that LBD stands for Little Boring Dress, right? So in my haste I just chose the next remaining frock that offered the most coverage for my hairy legs, and this was the result.

Yes, my old Stop Staring nautical dress-up fave which gives me flashbacks to the one day of my life on which I was glamorous.

My mini-photographer also had a Frocktober day as she was off to the school Halloween disco. Here she poses as a horror character: child coming down from a sugar high who hates having her photo taken.

As the photos show, this frock is so versatile in terms of what shoes you can wear with it. It goes with my Bait Footwear Iones nicely, but can also be worn with ridiculously high stilettos with chain detail on the back which make you trip over and fall on your back, or you can wear it with jelly sandals for a glamorous but sensible school pick-up/discount supermarket bottle shop run look. Wow, three looks, one dress!

The donations have kept flowing, so much so that I’m now headed towards $4000, when my target was set at $3000. Big thank yous (youse?) to the Belmonts and Kate R for your offerings yesterday.

I’m trying not to lose my frock mojo in the last few days, so I might need some cheering to the finish line (cheerleader frocks welcome). 

If you haven’t donated yet (but let’s face it, practically everyone one I know has, you amazing creatures), the sponsorship page is at

Dress me up in women’s clothes

Oh my goodness, you guys! Much to my surprise and delight, on Day 26 the Frocktober spirit was still alive and kicking, even though I had passed my target already. You are amazing!

Today’s frock was a Hell Bunny one which I got for Christmas last year, worn with tights and maryjanes. I added a cute Erstwilder bunny brooch.

Today I got my fifteen minutes of fame when my story appeared in the Wyndham Star Weekly (remember that visit from the photographer on Day 19?).

“Eilis gets all dressed up for Frocktober” says the Wyndham Star Weekly

So while I paraded around in my 27th frock of the month, and my image paraded around online in last week’s frock, you were still sitting down at your computers and still sending through donations to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Thank you to G.A.Gregory, Anne, Jason, Kate, Susan and Bilbo & Sonas. You are all wonderful and you’ve helped me smash that target!

And that ain’t bad 

Day 25 of Frocktober really was a remarkable day. It was the day I passed my target – and I didn’t just sneak past that target – I smashed it! Thanks team!

I wore a City Chic frock today with red tights, in honour of Red Stocking Day (which was yesterday) and a Hell Bunny cardigan.

Today was the day I hosted a morning tea/bake sale at work. I was floored by the generosity of team mates who baked and prepped – particularly Racheal, but also Di, Maddie, Tiffany, Miriam and Sharyn, and my ginger photographer at home who made a mean lemon slice.

I was so heartened to see how many staff at the Civic Centre were happy to make a donation and stop for a chat on their way to get coffee.

In the afternoon I had a leftovers sale in my office and it was nice how many people dropped by even if just to say hi and make a donation – not needing cake.

I did indulge in one of the cakes at the end of the day.

And that jar there has $339.65 in it! Well done, Team Wyndham!

Along with that amazing donation from the good and hungry staff of Wyndham, came a whole flurry of individual donations. Can I say thanks to Cath and Jamie, Sandra, Jen, Diana, Meredith, Dee and Dame, and Fiona. Together you’ve given my fundraising total a huge boost by taking me way past my fundraising goal of $3000.

At the end of the day I ventured outside to go and pick up the mini-photographer. That was when I discovered it was 28 degrees. So off came the cardi. Finally, after a very wintry October, we had a hint of summer.

So many things to be grateful for today!

Long cool woman

There’s not a lot to say about my Day 24 frock that I haven’t said before. As you can see in the following back-breakingly awkward photo, I wore it with fishnet-ish tights and black shoes and belt today.

By the end of the day, those fishnet-ish tights were cutting off the circulation around a couple of my toes.

The pain of the circulation-restricting tights was overshadowed by the delight of receiving an influx of donations today, from Nick, Mary, Renae and Carol and Greg. Thank you all for sticking with me still this late in the month. Your donations are a great contribution to ovarian cancer research in Australia. With these donations, and with the morning tea we’re having at work tomorrow, I’m feeling confident we’ll hit my $3000 target.


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