The wind was so crazy here last night that it blew down a brick wall out the back of our place. So this morning I knew what to reach for: it was strictly pencil dress weather.


I’ve been looking at a few fashion blogs. I find it intriguing that people have the time and confidence to tell other people how to dress like them. Shall I let you in on my fashion secrets? Share my hot tips? You’re bound to be disappointed.
The blue dress is from Big W. It cost about $18. It’s supposed to have a black belt but I loaned the belt to a friend I don’t see very often (hi Meredith!). The dress would have looked weird with loopholes and no belt so I just grabbed the only other belt narrow enough, and it happened to be red. Which led me to grab red shoes – about $20 from Payless shoes in Braybrook. Grey Kmart tights and a really old Valley Girl cardi kept me warm enough, and red lipstick kept me rosy-lipped. I call this look “colour blocking for the cheap and lazy”.
Of course, as fun as it is giving you advice on how to colour block on the cheap, I’m really doing this Frocktober thing in support of research and treatment for ovarian cancer. One in 77 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime. It could be you, your sister, your mum, your gran or your girlfriend. Each year, more than 1,200 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer; around 800 will die from the disease. On average 3 Australian women are diagnosed every day. Find out more about how common this cancer is at the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

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