Today I was having a wrap party to celebrate the end of the campaign I’ve been working on, “Give Peas a Chance”. Naturally I chose a green dress to co-ordinate with the campaign.


I also carried some pea and mint dip in a green plastic bowl to accessorise.

This dress came from Savers in Footscray ages ago. The label is Weiss. I wonder if that was a cool “vintage” (ie 80s) label? I wasn’t cool in the 80s so I have no way of knowing. (Not like now, when I’m so cool I dress like a vegetable.) Seeing as I was hosting a party I decided to iron the dress this morning and soon discovered a wealth of small stains and marks. The joy of a full-skirted dress is that you can just hope that the stains are hidden in the folds of the skirt. Right? Right. Clearly I added an all-purpose black cardi (can’t remember which op shop this came from) and black maryjanes. I have been wearing almost exactly the same style of shoes consistently since 1988. See previous comment about cool. And yes, my hair is wet in that photo. I spent my hair drying time making pea and mint dip.

If you’re actually looking for a Frocktober gal who probably was cool in the 80s, may I suggest Lucy Violet? She crimps her hair, so she’s well ahead of me.

While doodling around on the interwebs I’ve learned that the symptoms of ovarian cancer, just like this blog, can be easily overlooked. There’s no easy screening test, so it relies on us to tune in to our bodies and notice when things aren’t right. And the symptoms aren’t just gynaecological ones. Abdominal cramps and wee problems are the most common presenting symptoms. Tummy and poo problems, tiredness and unexplained weight loss or gain can also be symptoms. It’s easy to see how the possibility of ovarian cancer could be overlooked. The key message seems to be, be alert but don’t panic. If things aren’t right with your body, talk to your doctor. You know your body best. Trust your instinct.