I woke up on day 3 of Frocktober and checked the news and discovered we were expecting a top of just 16 degrees, so I pulled the doona over me and delayed getting out of my cozy bed as long as I could. Thus, from necessity, my “keep warm and don’t iron look” was invented.

The dress came from eBay a few months ago. I have a rule of never paying more than $20 including postage for second hand clothes on eBay. This is probably quite obvious. The top came from the Salvos in Hoppers Crossing. I love it for its stripes, but I also love it because it’s a little bit long so it can keep my kidneys warm. I think. Is that true about long tops or just something my mother said? Sure, the long top causes unsightly bunching under a sleek dress, but at least my kidneys will have been warm up until when the bunching happens. Black tights, my old pals the red shoes which always get compliments (thanks!) and a side ponytail just because, and my look was complete. This was a look that could seamlessly transition from office to the Werribee train to cinema to phone booth in Chinatown without a hitch. So versatile!
20131003-225614.jpgAs you can see, I spent the evening with some awesome women – my best pals from high school – watching a film about best girl friends. I treasure these women and I treasure their health and it reminds me that not everyone is so lucky to keep all their friends and their health. Please consider donating to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to support the health of treasured women everywhere.

Oh, and if you’re looking for someone who actually knows what they’re talking about when it comes to accessorising a little black dress, I invite you to visit Foto Fräulein. She’s the real deal.