Kristen and I have come down to Barwon Heads for a mini-break so I needed to choose a day 5 frock that I could clamber over rocks in. What better dress than one that is already falling apart?

This is a seventies polyester number that I bought at the Salvos in Werribee. I like the neck tie thing. It makes me feel a bit Darrell Lea. It’s literally falling apart at the seams so I’m just going to keep wearing it till it falls off me. Today I wore it with my oldest Kmart leggings and my purple t-bar Docs. I bought those shoes in Hawaii in 1994 so they’re nearly 20 years old and they’re still going strong. I love them because you can wear them with anything – pants, dresses, shorts, leotards. (I haven’t tried wearing them with just a leotard but they are so versatile I’m sure I could get away with it.)

I figured beach combing called for sturdy shoes and doesn’t-matter-if-they-get-wet-and-sandy clothes.

After a big beach session we’re back in our little hotel room trying out my new headphones and talking about all the great efforts people are going to for Frocktober. Five days in and more than $78,000 has already been raised. Great effort, frockstars!