This dress is like an old friend who you’re always comfortable with, even when you haven’t seen each other in ages and don’t perfectly fit each other the way you used to. This dress never judges me for having a “fat day” where I just want to let my bloated tummy hang loose, it ignores (and discreetly hides) the stains on my top, and it tells me that a bit of pilling on the dress is cool, not a fashion faux pas. Also, it has huge pockets (if we’re sticking with the old friend analogy, let’s see how far I can push it now we’ve come this far) which is a dress’ way of holding your hand like an old friend would. Awkward – that didn’t quite work, did it? It feels right though.

If I’d thought ahead about going on a ship I would have pulled out something jaunty and nautical, but I couldn’t really go past an old friend that I could stuff into an overnight bag and not have to iron.

To get my look, just buy a cheap and roomy dress from Rivers, team it with a stained stripy top from the Werribee Salvos, and the go-with-everything-I-swear purple t-bar Docs. Whack on a denim jacket (Salvos Hoppers Crossing) if you get cold. This has been my jacket of choice each day of Frocktober so far and it hasn’t gone wrong. That’s Day 6 of Frocktober sorted.

If you feel disappointed by my absolute lack of proper fashion sense, please visit Potty Mouth Mama. She’s like a proper fashion lady and has raised a correspondingly impressive amount for Frocktober. Support her campaign and enjoy her style!