Choosing a frock on day 7 of Frocktober required me to plan for looking sensible, keeping warm and being on my feet most of the day. (We had an event with the Health Minister which involved orchestrating a whole range of photos and video of a bunch of people walking in a bunch of locations.)

This Target frock used to be my job interview outfit, when I was trying to impress the public service middle management. Now I just get it out when I need to look a bit conservative and grown up at work. I put my green Boden cardi (second hand from the UK via eBay) over it to keep me warm and to stop me from boring people to death with all the grey. And for good luck and good company I pinned on a little doll brooch that my friend Liz gave me for my birthday. Black tights and my flat black maryjanes were the choice to keep me warm and comfy. By the end of the day I really needed to put my feet up, as you can see.

Our event with the Minister was to promote walking as an easy, cheap, enjoyable way to exercise. By getting enough exercise you can help to ward off a range of diseases like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some kinds of cancer. Unfortunately, as far as I know, walking probably isn’t directly protective against ovarian cancer. But keeping well and tuning in to your body would no doubt help you to know when something isn’t right with your body, which in turn could help you detect signs of this insidious disease. I’m no expert, so find out more about ovarian cancer from the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.