I woke up thinking it was going to be another cold day so I reached for a long sleeved frock today. I got this one from a cheap shop at DFO a few years ago. It’s super-comfy and as a shirt dress it’s theoretically versatile: Look, I’m wearing it with pants! Look, I’m layering it over another dress! Usually it’s more like: Look, I’m in a hurry and it doesn’t need ironing! Let’s go!

And I guess that’s how I came to be wearing blue leggings when I had intended to wear black ones. I honestly thought they were black when I grabbed them from the cupboard in the dark bedroom. I thought they were black when I checked myself in the mirror. I thought they were black while I ran round packing my bag and doing the kid’s ponytails. And I thought they were black while I casually posed for photos in front of the jacaranda. And then when I posted the photo to Instagram I thought I had applied some filter which made my black leggings look a bit blue. And then, just as I arrived at the office, I looked down. There was no time to run home to change, so the best I could do was to apply a black and white filter in Instagram and hope no one would notice.