Day 10’s frock was a bargain from the Hoppers Crossing Salvos a couple of years ago. I haven’t worn it in ages and when I put it on this morning, Kristen said it looked a bit Japanesey. Then again, we were both in the dark bedroom and you’ve seen how that influences my outfits (refer to the blue leggings incident of day 8). I wore the possibly Japanesey frock with a pink cardi purchased under the $20-including-postage eBay rule, and the usual black maryjanes.

I had the mini-photographer on duty this morning and she’s an action girl and can’t stand still, hence the blurry shot. But you get the picture.

This outfit was fairly unspectacular (sorry! surely you’re used to it by now?) so if you want to see someone who really rocks Frocktober, check out Kirsty at Obsessive Creative Design. She is amazing. I’ve linked to her supermarket post, but do browse through her others – they’re worth it.

Have you donated to Frocktober yet? You’ve still got 21 days to make a contribution to ovarian cancer research, but don’t leave it to the last minute, will you?