On day 11 of Frocktober I got to pull out a favourite from last year. I bought this dress for my birthday in 2012. It’s Queen of Holloway from Kitty Deluxe. I love buying stuff from Kitty Deluxe – check them out for all your curvy rockabilly needs.

As much as I love this dress, it’s not really modest enough for work. The back is sort of backless with a halter neck that ties in a knot at the nape, plus two big sashes that tie in a big knot in the middle of the back (this complements the cute little knots on the pockets – not sure if you can spot them in this pic). That means most of my back is exposed – not cool for people waiting to use the photocopier after me. It also presents the age-old problem of finding the right bra to wear. So for work yesterday, I wore my trusty black Target cardi over the dress, and tied the back sash loose and low (otherwise there would have been a big lump in the middle back of my cardigan where the big back knot is supposed to be. I also wore a comfortable and supportive (but not halterneck) bra and my maryjanes.

IMG_5327[1]IMG_5328[1]IMG_5329[1]In the evening I was off to drink cocktails and sing karaoke with my mothers’ group homies in WeFo, so I swapped my shoes for these ridiculous cat shoes, added a flouncy red petticoat, readjusted the bra and knots situation, and traded the modesty cardigan for a token one to cover my back and shoulders. Oh, and I finally remembered to add red lipstick which I had forgotten in the morning. Such a fun outfit!

Just because this is one of my favourite dresses, here’s some older photos of me wearing it.

216795_10152250958415260_2133812046_n 014 spotty dots and owen056

I’ve been reading some stories of people who’ve had ovarian cancer and after spending the evening with my fellow mums of young boys and girls, this story about Dorinda really hits home. If you’d like to make a difference, please donate to Frocktober here.