Day 12 of Frocktober was a beautiful sunny day with nowhere to be except home and the park with my little family. Because there would be gardening to do, some practicality of frock choice was needed, so I popped on this little dress over a pair of black cotton pants.
20131013-062948.jpgThis dress always makes me feel like I’m on holidays because of the memories attached to it. I bought it in Derry in Northern Ireland at a cheap fashion shop. I wore it to a burlesque
show and lesbian nightclub in Dublin, with leggings and high heels. And I wore it with black cotton pants from a roadside stall and my op shop sandals both times I went to Malaysia. So wearing it always makes me feel all holidayish. To add to the holiday memories, wearing dresses over pants makes me think of New Zealand because that was the first time I ever observed that fashion phenomenon, on a trip to Wellington in 1997. It made me think that Kiwi women must be so fashion forward but then again I was wearing a navy and white tracksuit for most of that trip so I was easily impressed. Here’s a pic of me lying in the park dreaming of Ireland, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Wellington and Fiji (haven’t been there, still dreaming).