Day 13 started early as my mini-photographer was trying out Little Athletics for the first time. Probably should have planned ahead the night before and put out some clothes but I didn’t so I had to dress pretty quickly. Even quicker than the speed of an Under 7 running a 60 metre hurdles race. Which, I admit, isn’t that quick. So I found myself in quite a pretty frock that I bought from Big W a couple of months ago.

It has little white birds on it with dark pink legs. I added a years-old Target cardi and my oldest Kmart leggings with those go-with-everything t-bar Docs.

Does anyone else have a caste system for their leggings? I have three categories that my leggings make their way down through. The top caste is for wearing to work. The second one is for non-work but still wanting to look half-decent. The bottom caste are the leggings that I keep for strictly utilitarian use – weekend wear for things like gardening and now, apparently, watching Little Athletics. When I buy a new pair of black leggings (currently at a frequency of about once every two years) they all shuffle down one category in my caste system and the oldest ones shuffle off this leggings coil. Today I was wearing the bottom ones which was just as well because Little Athletics is wet and grassy. Luckily the mini-photographer is not yet too self-conscious about me because I was definitely the only Little Aths parent in a dress. And what she doesn’t notice can’t hurt her, right?