When I posted my day 15 frock on Instagram this morning I offered the helpful fashion advice that the way to brighten up a black and grey dress* is with hot pink tights. This is a long-held belief of mine which cemented in my brain in about 1984. I embraced the hot pink tights for my year 12 formal in 1991. Turns out my hot pink view of the world is a little dated.

I found out today this colour combo is now known as charcoal and magenta. And the way I found this out is because my deskmate at work also wore the same colour combo, stripes and all. Another colleague (obviously the camp one who works in the yarts) came past and said – nae, exclaimed – “Look at you two! All in charcoal and magenta!” And that’s when Alex and I actually noticed that he and I were in matching outfits. Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of magenta tights! Shape of a charcoal dress!

So allow me to revise the fashion advice. How to brighten up a charcoal dress: add magenta tights! Sounds a bit wanky, huh? 1991 me says stick with hot pink.

*And the way to get a black and grey dress like this is by saving an eBay search for size 18 dresses, price plus postage under $20.