A two-in-one post because I fell asleep on the couch before blogging last night.

On day 17 I wore another old favourite. Like day 16’s blue frock, I bought this one in the golden year of 2004 when I worked in Preston and had no friends to have lunch with, so I spent every lunch break scouring the Preston Salvos for beauties like this.

It’s like a light corduroy, so it’s good for all seasons as long as it’s under 30 degrees, and it never wears out. It’s hand made and I want to put a thank you out there to the maker. Thank you! I like to pair it with red accessories, hence the Sourpuss cardi and the red belt from the Bailout dress which I never wear with the Bailout dress.

Then today on day 18 I once again showed that I’m not much chop with casual Friday.

This orange dress is yet another under $20-including-postage eBay beauty. I wore it with a Too Fast cardi (or is it technically a shrug? *shrug* I don’t know) and yesterday’s bobby pins.

I think the moral of the story is that any old second-hand dress can be spruced up with a cardigan from Kitty Deluxe, preferably one with birds.