What does one wear on day 19 of Frocktober when one is planning to help build a trampoline in 27 degree heat? One wears a light cotton frock with plenty of room to move.

Keeping in the spirit of DIY, I did some renovations on this dress last weekend. I had bought it at Edithvale Vinnies the day before Frocktober started.

Optimistically, I thought I’d just run a few darts into it, maybe take it in at the sides, adjust the hem. Seeing as I haven’t used the machine all year, and seeing as we get five-minute snatches of time in between dealing with My Little Pony crises and requests to do painting from the mini-photographer, the chances of me soon a good job of this were seriously limited. But I had a go.

It turned out a little less sack-like, but still roomy enough for wielding tools under a trampoline on a warm day. Win! If you’re interested in seeing someone who can do this making-an-op-shop-dress-look-fashionable thing, check out Rachael in Stitches – she’s one of my favourite Frocktober bloggers.

Then I got a call from my favourite local bar asking if I could come and DJ on the balcony that evening. Seeing as I was covered in a light sheen of mud on account of the sweat and the dirt, I had a quick wash and a change of frock to this one from Sourpuss (once again via Kitty Deluxe).

It’s hard to tell, but the red dots on the dress are skulls, which makes it an appropriately rock frock, no?

So with double the frocking up, I encourage you to double your efforts in donating to Frocktober. Why the frock not?