Today’s frock of choice was a fifties-ish frock I bought a couple of years ago from this seller on eBay. I bought two but I’m not sure if the second one will get a run this Frocktober because of the porking up situation. I’ll see what I can manage.

I chose a dress with a full skirt for riding my bike. I know I’m not the only one who thinks riding a bike in a spring frock is delightful. Check out @smallvignettes and @boomtrish on Instagram, who plainly agree. I send warm greetings to those out there whose abiding wish is to pop on a floral frock and cruise on your pushie with the wind blowing through your helmet hair. Maybe you might have this song in your head as you ride (even if this girl isn’t wearing a frock).

Here’s me riding at speed. I promise I wasn’t looking down – I was looking at the traffic around me – I just had the phone pointed down for the photo.


You know that every time I’m out on my bike, in my head I look like this:

Although in Frocktober I should probably be picturing something more like this:

But for now, humour me. Pretend this is me: