The frock I wore for day 23 of Frocktober was one I had been saving for a sunny work day, but there just haven’t been any! So I finally pulled it out today and Winter-fied this Spring beauty.

ImageThis dress came from Target a few years ago. It was in their “Spring Racing Collection” and I bought it for about $30 to wear to a wedding. I didn’t need the opaque tights and black cardi for the wedding, but I needed them today. It was raining sideways in our garden when the mini-photographer took this photo! The dress came with a black elastic belt, but I always prefer to accessorise with red when I can, so I subbed in this not-leather red belt that ties in a knot, and the old always-get-compliments red shoes. A reminder: they were from Payless Shoes about 6 years ago for $20 – also bought for a wedding (of Theresa from Rummage Style – if you love frocks you must head over there).

ImageI realised tonight when I took them off that I’ve worn them to their death. They’re falling apart at the ankles, and the stopper thing on one of the heels has gone completely which means I’ve been walking around on a metal peg on that side. So it’s probably time to hunt down a new pair of red shoes. I’ve always had a penchant for red shoes to brighten an outfit, ever since I insisted on wearing bright red patent maryjanes with my white First Holy Communion dress. These ones were I ❤ Billy brand so I could look for new red shoes there, but I’ll probably just set up a new eBay search and see what shows up for under $20 plus postage. That search criterion never lets me down (see the red cat shoes for evidence). In the meantime, I’ll at least spruce up my frocks with my red gardening clogs when I’m at home.

ImageThe other thing I’ll do when I’m at home is browse my favourite Frocktober blogs (you’ll find the list right down the bottom of this page) and decide which ones to donate to as part of my contribution to Frocktober. You could do that too, if my efforts don’t really inspire you.