The frock I chose for day 24 of Frocktober was probably the one I should have chosen for the day we went on a ship.

Once again it’s a Sourpuss dress that I bought from Kitty Deluxe. You would think I single-handedly keep them in business.

When I posted this photo on Instagram this morning my cousin asked if it was velvet. How I wish it was! That would be amazing! And warm! It made me think that I would ask Jamie on Centrelinked to play this song next week when I visit his show next week.

Here’s my fashion tip for today: When “June is busting out all over” (ie when you can barely squeeze your two octopusses into the front of your button-up dress), always keep safety pins and a frumpy cardi handy. As the mini-photographer would say, “problem solve!”

I realised today that I still have a whole week to go – two days longer than I had planned for, for some reason. That’s good, because more frocks will get their chance to shine!