Using my new-found understanding of modern fashion, today I didn’t spruce up my grey and black day 25 dress with red tights. Oh no, I spruced up my charcoal dress with scarlet tights!

It’s a funny thing, this dress ($20-ish from Rivers) with the diagonal stripes. I know that horizontal stripes are supposed to be unflattering for the rotund, but that’s a piece of advice I’ve enthusiastically ignored for years now. And I know that vertical stripes are supposed to be flattering, but they’re a bit too Candy Man for me. I also know that chevron stripes are currently some kind of retro-cool. But diagonal stripes just seem to act as some kind of disappointing optical illusion that make my eyes go wobbly and leave my body looking exactly the same shape as it really is.

Because I really hate wearing plain black/grey/charcoal/whatever, I dug through the tights drawer to assess my non-black options. All the stripy options seemed like overkill what with the diagonal carry-on, the pink fishnets didn’t seem like office attire, and the magenta tights were soooo last week. That left me with red scarlet, which is OK by me. I think you might have picked up that I like to accessorise with red scarlet.

I added the red necklace that Kristen’s mum gave me last week and I was good to go. No-one knew my ugly little secret. And that was that I had danced big holes into the toes of my red scarlet tights and they now resemble the fingerless glove equivalent of tights. But they were safely ensconced in my trusty maryjanes and no-one was any the wiser.

Speaking of maryjanes, I bought a replacement pair of shoes for my red ones today, as I can’t live long without red shoes. I can’t show you yet because I bought them from Kitty Deluxe (of course) so they’re on their way. But they’re basically the (not very) high-heeled version of my First Holy Communion shoes.

I’ll sign off day 25 with a shout-out to Caoimhe and Alex from work who both generously donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation today. Thanks to anyone else who has followed the donation link and sent them some money to help them find a cure. I didn’t set up a personal fundraising page for my Frocktober because I didn’t want to make it all about me and my goal, and put pressure on my friends to help me reach my target, but I am still hoping that you’ll be inspired to support this important charity.