Settle in for a bumper edition of frockthistown, where I share three frocks worn over two action-packed days.

Day 26 started with Saturday morning housework, and I jumped into this easy-to-wear grey frock that came from Vinnies in Hoppers Crossing.

ImageI paired it with a top that technically was meant to be a dress (also from Hoppers Vinnies), but I wear it as a kidney-warming top, tucked into my utilitarian (ie bottom caste) leggings. Docs on, hair up, hand on the Windex trigger.

I took that outfit from housework, to a trip to town – so versatile! Or so lazy. You decide. We had to pop in to Kristen’s office, but while we were in town we stumbled across a Diwali festival and I wished I’d gone all Jai Ho for day 26 and worn a sari. Instead I downed a dosa and we headed home.

IMG_5745[1]Then I took that super-versatile outfit to 501 Receptions to get ready for the Women of the West fundraiser for Women’s Health West. I managed to convince people I knew what I was doing setting up all the DJ gear, so I call that a successful outfit – from housework to Diwali to roadie.

Of course the trouble with wearing Docs all day is that you end up with distinctive ankle markings which didn’t help with my frantic transition to my evening frock for day 26. I had 30 minutes with two other women in the bridal powder room to go from housework/Diwali/roadie to Lady DJ. I wore the most expensive dress I own. In contrast to the $3 Vinnies dress I’d worn all day, this dress cost in the order of $300. It’s from the amazing Melbourne designer Sprinkle Magic. I coveted it for ages, and finally bought it to wear to my cousin’s wedding in Ireland in 2010. Perhaps not my cleverest choice of Sprinkle dress – with all the lovely stretch dresses she makes, and I bought the linen one to wrinkle away in my suitcase. Still, I ironed it and I loved it.

ImageSadly I was so busy last night that I didn’t get a photo in the outfit, but here’s a few glimpses. The silver glitter shoes were perfect for the Silver Romance room where last night’s function was held. I paid about $10 for them on eBay.

ImageImageAnd here I am wearing this fab dress at Grace and Andy’s wedding in Ireland, and my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding in Vietnam, both back in 2010.

Grace and Andy weddingcage

So after a late night pressing play on my CD players, you’d think that maybe I’d have a sleep-in. But no, this morning I was up and off to the Children’s Week Picnic in my day 27 frock.


The day 27 frock was bought from Footscray Savers about 10 years ago. It’s actually a Maggie T dress from the 80s, which makes me feel very Women’s Weekly when I wear it. It was the perfect dress for today because I was BMX Banditting my way there so I needed a full skirt for easy cycling, plus it’s all floral-y and spring-y, which always seems the right thing for springtime at Werribee Mansion. Grey cardi and go-with-everything t-bar Docs and my $2 sunnies from Edithvale Vinnies completed the outfit. Everyone else I was working with had the work polo shirts and jackets with jeans, but that just didn’t suit my Frocktober needs. As you can see here (if you have Facebook), I had lots of fun.

That’s me all done for the weekend. Just four more days, and probably only four more frocks to go. That’s four more days for you to click on this link and donate to support research into ovarian cancer.