On day 28 of Frocktober, photography fatigue has set in for my mini-photographer, so all she could manage was this blurry, chopped-off photo. But I think you get the idea. IMG_5786[1] I bought this dress from TK Maxx in Swords Pavilions in Dublin, last time I was there for Grace and Andy’s wedding (see previous post). I loved shopping there. They had big racks sorted by size with all sorts of different dresses, and mostly just one of each. It was like being in Savers, but with brand new clothes! As you can see, I wore the dress to Kristen’s brother’s wedding, and my own brother’s re-wedding (they had another reception when they came home to Australia).

003 smallUs three small

Today I paired it with the eastern suburbs granny shoes, and a brown cardigan that I bought from Jacqui E in 2005 for another wedding in Ireland. It’s a stretchy, crepe-y wrap thing that can be worn loose, or tied in front or wrapped right around. I used to be a bit wary about wearing yellow and brown together – some kind of hang-up about the Hawthorn/Geelong rivalry that was at its peak in my formative teen years, I think. But I really needed to wear something warm over my yellow dress today and the brown worked. I think I’m cured of my hang-up! Onto that brown cardigan I pinned this gorgeous Yellow Submarine brooch. How cute is it?

IMG_5787[1]It was a gift from the women who ran the Women of the West gig on Saturday night and it was simply perfect for the yellow dress I had saved up to wear today! It’s by Dick and Dora, who are clever dicks.

I hope these glimpses of today’s frock have built a picture in your mind’s eye, even without a full photo. And I hope it’s a picture that you like. And I hope that it makes you want to support Frocktober.

Edited to add: Late last night I found these only-a-little-bit-blurry photos by the mini-photographer so I’m adding them here. As you’ll see by my facial expressions, doing the cardigan switcheroo is serious business. 20131029-210544.jpg