Today’s dress was another one I’d been saving for a sunny work day, but there really haven’t been any this month. You call this Spring?

So this is yet another under-$20-plus-postage dress from eBay. A couple of years ago I went through a bit of a phase of buying cheap dresses online that don’t need ironing. It’s pretty much the pinnacle of laziness. But it serves me well on school + work mornings. This one ties at the back and has nice flouncy sleeve things but no-one got to see these details because it was freezing and I needed to wear a cardi and leggings. Which led me to break the cardinal rule of blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between. That’s me, breaking fashion rules daily.

I call this look “inadvertent boho vibe”, after @morethanjustnumbers noted that she liked liked my boho vibe. I’m not sure what that is but she has style that I admire (sometimes even disco false eyelashes) so I’ll take it as a compliment for sure.