It’s day 30 and I’m trying to end the month with a bang, not a whimper. Thankfully my new red shoes arrived last night to help make day 30 fabulous.

20131030-180024.jpgWhen I got home from work on Tuesday, my package from Kitty Deluxe was waiting for me and I was delighted to find a cute cupcake hair bow tucked in with my new red maryjanes. From that moment, my day 30 outfit was decided. I wanted to wear my black and white tea dress from this eBay seller, but it’s a few years old now and doesn’t do up any more. Determined not to let that stop me from wearing it for Frocktober, I put a long-sleeved black top underneath, my red Sourpuss cardi over the top, and a cunning red scarf* tied at the front to sort of disguise the fact that my dress was wide open! I think I got away with it! Of course, my favourite red belt and my new lovely items from Kitty Deluxe, and I was black and white and red all over, like a sunburnt nun or a newspaper.

IMG_5812[1]I know the cupcake bow was a hit because my colleague passed me a note during a meeting saying my bow was making her hungry! At least if she was thinking about that, she wasn’t thinking about why my dress was wide open at the front.

To hear more about today and all the days leading up to today, tune in to the Centrelinked show on Northwest FM at 7pm tonight. That’s just one hour from now! You can listen online from the link above or through yer TuneIn Radio app. Hopefully Jamie will let me sing…

*Can you spot this scarf in another photo from the blog? I’ll give you a clue: someone else is wearing it.