Today was the last day of September so I pantsed it up on a visit to friends.

My "please notice my pants" pose.
My “please notice my pants” pose.

These aren’t just any old friends. Cristina and Sabdha are my first official sponsors for this year and I haven’t even put on a frock yet! How much do they rock?

I’ve spotted a few social media posts about people preparing for Frocktober this week, but my preparation has consisted of enthusiastically wearing pants, eating too much lemon meringue pie and thanking Kristen for doing my laundry. There’s been no cataloging, ironing, button-replacing or weather-checking. So if you’re looking for proper Frocktober preparation tips, you’re better off visiting Julie at Forbidden Charm. She’s the real deal.

Cristi's "please notice her pants" pose.
Cristi’s “please notice her pants” pose.