IMG_9423[1]This year the first day of Frocktober falls in the school holidays while I’m at home with the family. So my first thought was that I needed to choose a practical, building-Lego-on-the-floor-followed-by-monkey-bars-friendly frock. But it’s the first day of Frocktober! I wanted to start with a wow, not a wot? So out came this lovely number which didn’t get a run last year and which is a perfect match for the wisteria that’s blooming on our back porch right now.

Fans of the mini-photographer’s music videos might recognise this frock from her Tide is High clip:

People I used to work with for the guvmint might recognise this frock from the red carpet night in room 7.14:

pearls headpearls dancing

And if you are a sixty year old woman from Hoppers Crossing you might recognise this as your old bridesmaid’s dress that you dropped off at the Salvos in Hoppers, which is where I scored it from.


IMG_9415Of course I’m all about comfort as much as style, so I had comfortable shoes on. But I wasn’t cutting corners on glam – I added a necklace from Edithvale Vinnies that had been just waiting for its moment in the sun, and matchy-matchy eyeshadow. I figure 31 days/31 dresses is a challenge I’ve conquered, so this year I’m adding 31 eyeshadow combos. I got the idea from this girl I know, Hazel, and her coffee vendor Mr Shabhir. Today I went for a pale pink/lilac/light blue combo that resembles my skin tone when I first put on bathers in Spring after a long winter of hibernation.

This afternoon we went out and did some kid stuff and this outfit went seamlessly from home to mosaic workshop to monkey bars with a quick change of shoes and the addition of a pink cardi (also from Edithvale Vinnies).

IMG_9432So that’s Day 1 in a nutshell. If you think I’ve made a good effort to start with, feel free to make like Jamie and drop a donation at Thanks Jimmy!