On day two of Frocktober I didn’t stray far from the colour scheme of day one – that’s right, still in the post-winter hibernation skin palette.

My frock today was the Miranda from Hell Bunny which I bought super-cheap second hand through a Buy Swap Sell group on Facebook. The circle skirt is perfect for sitting cross-legged on the floor to play Lego, although it’s easy to lose pieces under there. It was also perfect for taking the mini-photographer to a dance concert.


The weather wasn’t really suited to this style of dress today so instead of adding unsightly thermal underwear, I wore a white singlet and grey tights (this combo kept me warm with my primary school uniform, so why not now that I’m a *ahem* fashion blogger?). I wore yesterday’s pink cardi all day as well.

And accessories?” I hear you ask. I had a blue hair flower, my silver glitter Mary Janes, and a brooch made by fellow Frocktoberer Caroline from Resin Doll. Do you see how cute it is? Betty and Veronica!

IMG_9496.JPGTo top it all off I had a charming eyeshadow duo of blue and purple. But this duo was nowhere near as charming as the duo of sponsors who’ve chipped in in the last 24 hours, Alison and Aunty Lil. Thank you!

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