On Frocktober the 3rd I once again chose a frock for versatility. The Hell Bunny Muertos saw me through from a daytime jaunt through St Kilda to an evening in the Spiegeltent.

In the daytime I wore it with my floral Docs – clashing prints ahoy! Cosmo says it’s fashion forward to clash your prints, but I’ve been doing it for years without endorsement from Cosmo. (Actually, Cosmo said that two years ago so it might actually be fashion backward by now.)

I kept up my 31 days/31 dresses/31 eyeshadow combos deal and added a generous swipe of hot pink. We visited Luna Park and ate at Radio Mexico which seemed only appropriate in the Muertos.
Then in the evening I was off to see Quippings in the Fringe Festival with Liz, so naturally I added a massive foofy pink petticoat, cinch belt, pink fishnets, black patent shoes, and a hair flower. For added oomph I resorted to an old beauty tip that I used a lot circa 1999, and applied cheap hot pink lipstick for eyeshadow. Lipstick for eyeshadow was a staple when I had orange and pink hair and liked to tease it to fairy floss proportions. No sooner had I finished telling Liz my beauty secret (“it’s not eyeshadow, it’s two dollar shop lippy!“) than out came the MC of tonight’s show wearing lipstick for eyeshadow. I felt cool, I felt validated, and I felt a little bit irritated in the eye area.


Edited to add… here is evidence of my past predilection for lipstick-as-eyeshadow-and-orange-hair. I forgot to mention the spiky collar.

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