First day back at Little Athletics today. I find it a challenge to frock up for Little Aths. No-one else does, except for one new little girl today who had kinda misjudged what appropriate athletics gear looks like. Bless her. (Actually, I’m sure there are other Little Aths parents saying the same thing about me right now.) I would really prefer to be there in my trackies, but my dedication to Frocktober means I was in my Maggie T frock from Footscray Savers and a pink cardi from Big W – “styled” with a belt that came off some other frock and my trusty purple t-bar Docs. But if you’re looking for sporty frock tips, don’t worry – I’ve scoured the back corners of the internet’s changeroom lockers to bring you these perfect options.

She’s carry the discuses in the front of her dress, and the stiletto heels are handy for marking where the discus throw lands.
Ready for any weather! And your kid can use the back of your dress to wipe her sweaty brow after running 60m.
For those of you who prefer a classic vintage look.
I’m pretty sure the mini-photographer would love it if I dressed as my inner Eliza Dushku (although this isn’t strictly a frock).
This one’s probably best saved for presentation night. At least, that’s how Sue sees it.

Regardless of what you wear to Little Athletics, please remember to be Sunsmart! No point getting skin cancer while trying to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer. Seriously.

A big shout out today to Kelly for my latest sponsorship. It was Kelly who first drew my attention to Frocktober by stylin’ her way through it two years ago. Now I inelegantly follow in her footsteps by frocking up, and you can follow in her more recent footsteps by clicking here and sponsoring me.