IMG_9633The first time ever I saw this Hell Bunny Souvenir dress I was in love, but I only ever saw it in the non-plus sizes. I thought it was all about the treble, no bass. So when I saw it on the Ultimate Rockabilly Pinup and Alternative Auction House on Facebook in my size and at a bargain starting price, I jumped straight in with a bid. Amazingly, I won that auction and the dress was mine. Thanks Pin-Uppity! I only got it last month so I’d been so looking forward to wearing it in Frocktober and as soon as I saw a day with a predicted temperature of over 26 I whipped it out. Sadly the weather didn’t turn out very sunny today so the dress looked a bit wrong. But it felt so right!  I wore it with a beige – BEIGE I tells ya! – cardi from Vinnies in Edithvale (you may already be picking up my pattern of cardis from Vinnies in Edithvale – I bought a whole bag full a couple of months ago for under $20), white Molly shoes from Asos that cost about 20 bucks, and some nice green eyeshadow from my palette that I hadn’t sampled yet. Thankfully everyone at work was polite enough not to mention the green eyeshadow, so I think I got away with it.


And then a lovely thing happened: two gorgeous women who I am always happy to take style cues from, Sandra and Ursula, made generous donations to my fundraising page. Together they’ve given a great boost to the search for an early detection test for ovarian cancer and if I could clone that pink daisy that I’m holding in this morning’s picture, I would hand them one each. If you too would like a cloned pink daisy you should feel free to visit my fundraising page which is at the link earlier in this paragraph marked “fundraising page”. I give cloned daisies and other accolades out regardless of donation size, because every dollar helps.

I’ll leave you with a back view of my dress (coz I like the back very much) and you can imagine me singing I’m Walking Away, Craig David style.