Dear diary,
Today I wore a dress.
Kind regards,

This is what the ginger-photographer predicted I would write. It’s true – I wore a dress again today. It’s an old op shop favourite. Things that are great about this dress:

  • It’s loose-fitting so super-comfy to dag around in, but can easily be belted. Perfect for a working-from-home day with one coffee meeting.
  • The magical fabric (like a light corduroy) is warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • It has red and yellow and blue and green which means you can wear just about any colour accessory with it. As you can see, I chose red, but I also chose green and yellow eyeshadow without shame.
  • It is enhanced by my red shoes that make any outfit look good.
  • It cost me $4.

Bought any good op shop frocks lately? If so, you probably have some spare dollars leftover to send the way of the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Feel free to do so here.