IMG_9712“How we forget. We’ve been through this a thousand times or more.”

That’s a line from a Clouds song, that’s stuck in my head as I try and keep up the blogging. Yesterday I wore a Werribee Salvos favourite. This is exactly the kind of dress I used to wear in the 90s, except back then I would have cut it much shorter (and not bothered hemming it). One of my favourite pics of this dress is this series that I used as a DJ promo photo before I got my new one.

The ginger-photographer took these photos in our hotel room at the Barwon Heads Pub this time last year.

After a bunch of regular Saturday-type activities: taking the mini-photographer to dance class, going shopping, setting up for a work event today, playing in the mini-photographer’s salon, helping the ginger-photographer to build a shed, and hosting Aunty Julie and Uncle Frank for surprise afternoon tea, it was time to take my 90s style dress back to the 90s. I was off to the Corner Hotel with my old mates Jason, Meredith and Adrienne to see Clouds. Naturally, if I was going out 90s style, I needed to add opaque tights and Docs to my outfit.

IMG_9736It was a great night out, getting our gang back together to watch the Clouds get their gang back together. So much singing and dancing and laughing. And so much eyeshadow. I loaded on some dark green eyeshadow, after washing off the pink/purple combo I’d gotten done in the mini-photographer’s salon earlier in the day.

She’s pretty pleased with her pink and purple handiwork.
Higher hair, greener eyelids = ready for a night out!

And as if all that wasn’t enough to make it a great day, I had the bonus of Adrienne sending a sponsorship my way. Which made me glad I’d made such an effort with the eyeshadow before seeing her that night. If you want me to load on more eyeshadow, you can click here for sponsorship details. Remember that the survival rate for ovarian cancer is much lower than it is for breast cancer, so more research is needed to combat this.