IMG_9755Today was all about a big event at work, so although it was a sunny day outside – and the walk to and from work was delightful – I spent most of the day inside encouraging people to write on this wall. I wore my Hell Bunny Carol dress, which is cotton and check and comfortable and nice. And it has ric rac trim! There’s not enough ric rac in the modern world. And the ric rac is red and black and the dress is sort of coral and pale green and white and grey which makes me think you could wear it with red or black or white shoes, or even pale green if you had them, which I don’t. But I did wear my white shoes and belt. White-e-o! And a generous swipe of coral eyeshadow – who knew there was such a thing? I’m learning so much about eyeshadow colours this month!

By the time I came home this arvo I was buggered and ready for a short nap.

IMG_9757I found my second wind late this evening and popped into the kitchen to bake a loaf of bread. There’s something a bit kitcheny about this dress. Is it that it resembles a tablecloth? A tablecloth with ric rac trim?

IMG_9759So, as Adrienne quite rightly pointed out to me last night, the Clouds weren’t exactly telling the truth when they sangSay it three times, and you will get what you want.” So I’m going to say it 31 times this month instead. Please consider making a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation at my Frocktober page.

PS I just found a review of my dress on YouTube. I didn’t know that YouTube reviews of clothes were a thing. Apparently the colours are rose and mint.