IMG_9790Today I was in a colour combo that has been a favourite since 1985. Cobalt and magenta! I remember this colour combo so well from the days of windcheaters with black scotty dogs, ra-ra skirts and leg warmers. I fondly remember this outfit from 1987:

IMG_9805It’s probably fortunate that you can’t see the whole thing. It involved a cobalt skirt, black and hot pink bike pants and a black John Lennon t-shirt. In my head I was Kylie Minogue on the bottom, Yoko Ono on top, and that made me the perfect woman.

Today I wore a Big W dress and K-mart tights. In the mad rush to get ready I couldn’t find the belt to go with the dress, so I added a $2 Shop hair flower as a waistband corsage on one belt loop (there’s such a thing, right?) and clipped my security pass to my other belt loop, and just hoped that people would think that’s exactly what they were for, rather than being un-used belt loops.

And after yesterday’s success with putting a bird on it, I put a bird on this outfit too, with a necklace by Jennifer Martin that I had made through eg etal. It sounds like a lovely thing, to have jewellery made for me, and it was. But it was paid for by the insurance claim from when burglars stole my grandmother’s charm bracelet and other jewellery so it’s a bittersweet piece for me.

IMG_9804And I’m sure you can imagine the field day I had with the eyeshadow today. I had eyeshadow to rival this crowd:

Which reminds me of this outfit, which was from New Year’s Eve the year before last:

007 (2)008 (2)I’m sure you don’t need to see the whole outfit to get my drift.

So cobalt and magenta is my happy place. Make your day a cobalt and magenta day by clicking here and making a donation to support research into early detection of ovarian cancer.