Yesterday I was in the city for a conference, and despite being surrounded by people all day, I never got someone to take a photo. So the responsibility was in my hands, and I managed to get this one in a shop window.
This orange delight was a second-hand cheapie off eBay. Today I wore it with red shoes, even though I’m pretty sure red and orange together breaks some kind of colour rule. I must have been emboldened by the mighty force of cobalt and magenta. If you were in the city about 5.30pm you might have seen me passing through the frock section of Myer in this controversial colour combo.
Being in the city all day meant I didn’t see my fambly till the middle of the night. But at least I felt I had them with me in this brooch, made using artwork by the mini-photographer.
When I’m busy at conferences in the city I don’t have time for much blogging. If you don’t have time for much reading, hurry away and click on this link where you can make your donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and make a quick getaway. Thanks to Michelle (who has also been known to put a bird on it) and Kate (who can make her own bloody spectacular frocks!) for their donations yesterday.