IMG_9840For a second day in a row in the city, I was once again in an ebay cheapie from a few years ago. It’s about the easiest dress ever to wear – no zips, no ironing, just throw it on as I’m running out the door, although I don’t look as stylish as Tonia does when I’m doing this. These red tights are great because they’re really thick and warm and they don’t roll down at the waist and the colour is strong, but I discovered a hole in them today and I’m thinking I’ll need to replace them. Problem is, i can’t remember what brand they were or where I bought them. Does anyone have any tips for the best place to buy thick, warm, generously sized coloured tights?

IMG_9841For the third time this week I put a bird on it and I’m starting to feel like a slightly outdated cliche.

My cousin Annelise said she loves this cardi, and I have been sharing plenty of cardis this month, so I thought I’d share another photo of me rocking a cardi with a frock.

IMG_9842Cute as a button, no? Or cute as two orange buttons perhaps.

I’ll tell you who else is cute as a button: Sarah, who is also generous and clever and pretty and always stylish! And Kylie, whose house is sort of like the vintage interior designer version of our place. Thank you both for your donations – you’ve tipped me over the threshold past my goal and we’re only midway through Frocktober. I’m honestly humbled by my generous friends and generous readers. I guess we all share a commitment to wanting to reduce the impact of ovarian cancer on women in Australia.