IMG_9881-0.JPGFor a full day of loving the ones you’re with, what better to wear than polka dots and a full-skirted dress? I bought this a few years ago from a seller on eBay who makes lovely tea dresses. Today I added another of my cardis from my big bag of Vinnies cardis, and a belt.

We were up at sparrow’s fart this morning to take the mini-photographer to dance class, then on to coffee and cake with Mum, Dad, Aunty Favourite, Aunty Beautiful, Uncle Tav and cousin Sophie. Gosh it must have been intimidating for other diners to be around so much awesome!

IMG_9883.JPGThen we were off to the Botanical Gardens for picnic times with my beloved friend Cas and her mum and Stella and my enthusiastic Frocktober supporter Emily (Hi Fluffy!) and Anita and a bunch of very cute kids. Full skirts are perfect for picnicking – you can sit cross-legged or any other way you like and totally retain your dignity, and spilled food stains (strawberry milk, dolmades juice) disappear in the folds of the skirt when you stand up.

IMG_9885.JPGOh, and speaking of cute kids and dresses with polka dots, here’s another one from the vault:

IMG_9889So come on team, if Emily with three pre-school-aged kids can find the time to sponsor me my on my page, I reckon you could too.