Frocktober 19 was a Sunday and that means Little Athletics. There’s no way of wearing a frock (at least not one from my wardrobe) and fitting in at Little A’s, so I don’t even try. This frock came from Savers in Footscray about ten years ago and is Weiss, which makes it very daggy – or possibly ironically vintage.

Expanding on yesterday’s analysis of full-skirted frocks, I can add to the list of pros:

  • Allows you to sit with dignity;
  • Hides food stains;
  • Allows you to get away with not shaving your legs for longer;
  • Pockets!

But I need to point out the cons:

  • Makes it very hard to manage a tape measure in the long jump sand pit when there’s a slight breeze.

Julianne said the other day that I really know how to put a combo together. Well, I know you’re going to be impressed by this ensemble:

IMG_9891No, it doesn’t say Disco Chief. It’s Discus Cheif (sic). Although the hi-viz orange would look great under UV lights in a disco, the cut really isn’t doing me any favours, is it?

Here’s evidence that I have always rocked a casual green dress on the weekend:

IMG_9900Over the weekend I picked up another sponsorship from that little boy on the right and his wife and my future niece/nephew (I know which of these it is, but figure some people might like a surprise). Thanks Patrick and Thoa and Cecily George! Frocktober has been a lot of fun so far, but I’m not losing sight of what we’re raising funds for. Ovarian cancer is one of the less common cancers that we hear about. If you’d like to know more about the experience of having ovarian cancer you might like to watch some of these videos by Cindy. They give a really honest personal account of the journey. And that’s what Frocktober is all about – raising funds and awareness for ovarian cancer research. You can sponsor me here.