IMG_9916Apples a-plenty on Frocktober 20. Today I wore a dress that has been a consistent performer for me this year. It’s the Hell Bunny Sheila and it’s a lovely light blue and covered in apples. Because it’s covered in apples, I felt compelled to wear this hair bobble today:

IMG_9918And because I was going to wear a hair bobble, I decided I might as well make my hair high. Just a little bit high, though:

IMG_9908Not as high as Julianne, who was having a proper high hair day.

When I put my trusty red shoes on this morning, I discovered that the heel on one of them is worn through. It was about this time of Frocktober that my last pair of red shoes fell apart and I had to buy these new ones. Today I almost thought I was going to have to buy another pair until a friend at work reminded me of the great tradition of fixing broken shoes. Of course! I’ll take them to the shoe man! Why did I not think of this? And that reminds me that I still haven’t shown Kylie my First Communion photo, which shows where my long-held obsession with red shoes began. So here you go, Kylie!

IMG_9921And here’s me just casually posing in my Sheila dress after getting back from a tiki holiday and pausing to unpack my red petticoat and camera from my suitcase.

DSC_1534Seriously, if you like having photos taken in your frocks and your mini-photographer with a smart phone just isn’t cutting it, please check out Helen McLean‘s work. She did the photo and artwork for our party invitation this year, which we loved, and now we have it hanging in our hallway.

IMG_9047Overnight I’ve had sponsorships from Anneliese and Joanna, both beautiful women. Thank you lovelies!

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