IMG_9929Today was a lovely day and I felt really happy for this dress, that it got to come out in the sun and be the spring frock it was always meant to be. Last year’s weather meant I had to winterify it, which seemed a great shame. This dress is from Target and I actually bought it brand new (not from an op shop!) a few years ago for a friend’s wedding. It’s been a reliable work dress ever since. I wore it on my first day in this job I have now. I remember this because the girl who was assigned to show me around on the first day also wore a blue floral frock and this made me feel like I had chosen suitable work attire to a tee!

IMG_9930Today I accessorised with an Alice in Wonderland necklace. As I noted on Instagram, Alice was the penultimate blue dress wearer. Dorothy was the ultimate, with her red shoes. I also had a foofy blue hair flower, black platform sandals and of course blue eyeshadow – just in case you thought I had been slacking off in the eyeshadow department.

Today my amazing friend Sabdha totally out-frocked me. She organised for her team at work to have a Frocktober morning tea, and Sabdha herself even wore a dress – something I’d never witnessed before. But I’m sure you’ll agree she totally rocked it, especially with her mother’s pearls. That’s her on the right:

IMG_9933So tomorrow I’ve got the gang at my office trying to out-frock Sabdha’s office and I’ve been baking tonight to sweeten the deal. I promise I’ll get pics. I assume you like looking at photos of food you didn’t get to eat? Most people on instagram seem to assume that. The money raised at the office will be made as a donation to ovarian cancer research here. And you can donate there too, although I can’t promise morning tea for all of you.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a pic of the last time I really got blue floral right.