Amazing things happened in Frock This Town today. Firstly, a bunch of generous women from my office baked a delicious spread of sweet and savoury treats.


Then along came many happy, hungry, befrocked (in most cases), and generous worker bees who dug deep into their pockets and gave $219.10 in exchange for cupcakes and good vibes.

And when I put that donation through my donation page, it took my total to over $1000, which is double my original goal. See what I mean? Amazing!

Meanwhile, I was wearing my Birdie dress by Hell Bunny which I bought from Wild Kitty. A few months ago I DJed a really cool 50th birthday party for this talented woman. At the end of the night she and her partner paid me extra on top of what I was charging because they were so happy, so as soon as I got home that night I jumped online and spent some of my extra money on a new frock.

I’ve just realised, it seems as though I have inadvertently gone for a blue floral each day so far this week and now I’m pondering whether to see the theme through to the end of the week, or change it up again tomorrow. What do you think?

If you need some thinking time, maybe go watch this clip about the awkwardness of discussing ovarian cancer symptoms.

And while you watch, enjoy a gluten-free, egg-free frocked up biscuit:

IMG_9942And finally, thank you to my Mum and Dad who have also sent through a donation today and who always support whatever crazy scheme I get involved in.