IMG_9993So yesterday I peaked with my favourite (and second most expensive) dress, and it’s going to be a gentle let-down from there to the end of the month. Today’s dress was about $4 from the Salvos in Preston more than ten years ago, and it has stayed a consistent favourite ever since, as I mentioned last year. So easy to wash and wear.

Prop courtesy of the mini-photographer and her visit to the book fair at school.
Prop courtesy of the mini-photographer and her visit to the book fair at school.

The only catch with this dress is that the crossover bodice is impossibly low-cut so I have to wear something under it. Sometimes I wear a white singlet top but it rides up around the waist. So other times I wear what I wore today. Another shameful fashion secret. It’s my favourite maternity bra. Yes, it’s 6 or 7 years since I’ve actually needed such a thing, but I’ve always kept it because it’s comfy and it slots in under this dress nicely. Here’s a closer look:

IMG_9994As you can see, I added this cute little brooch of a little girl wearing a blue dress. This was me every day this week!

5BlueDon’t forget I’m not doing this just for kicks, but to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer, which is diagnosed in about 1200 Australian women each year. And if you think I’m doing an OK job at that, wait till you see Ana who wore her wedding dress to school drop-off and brunch yesterday to raise awareness and funds. Awesome effort, and she looked beautiful!

It’s been a long week, and at this point I look like this:

IMG_9999So I’m off for my beauty sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow for the start of the last week of Frocktober.