IMG_0043Hello! What’s all this then? 25 and a half? Well yes, for those of you who thought you weren’t getting good enough value with 31 dresses in 31 days, I’ve squeezed in an extra for you! Last night after both the mini-photographer and the Mexico dress were put to bed, I pulled on my Hell Bunny Veronica, tidied up my hair and make-up, and took my not-as-young-as-it-used-to-be body off to a dancefloor in town. There I met up with fellow “old” people and enthusiastic Frocktober sponsors, Adrienne, Kieran, Catherine and Jamie. (You can spot the “old” people because they arrive before 10.30pm and dance unironically to Blondie.)

I was delighted to find that Catherine was frocked up in orange, so we grabbed this pic:

IMG_0041How good does she look? And she looked even better in action. If there was a TV show called So You Think You Can Dance In An Indie Club, Cath would definitely be the next Jack Chambers.

I got this dress for Christmas last year, but unfortunately the only other photo I have of me wearing it is this one because while I got the dress, the mini-photographer got face paints:


So anyway, because of all that late-night action it’s Frocktober 26 and I’m still sitting here in my PJs. Time to go and find the next dress…