IMG_0008 Frocktober 25 was a Saturday, which means being up and dressed bright and early for the mini-photographer’s dance class. Most often this would involve my one pair of jeans and whatever t-shirt is lying around, plus my purple t-bar Docs because they’re easy to slip on and off at the hippy dippy dance school where we have to all be barefoot. This time, I found myself putting on my Hell Bunny Mexico and then giving careful thought to accessories (well more careful than your average Saturday morning, that’s for sure). I bought this dress second hand from someone in a Buy Swap Sell group on FB, and the only way it could be better would be if it was actually the Desperado – same fabric, different cut.

IMG_7080[1]I have coveted this dress for a long time, so I’m just gonna post it here in case you know of anywhere or anyone in the world who might want to sell it in an XL.

Anyway, the Mexico is great fun and I wore it from dance class, to the school fete and then on to my sister-in-law and brother’s baby shower, where I added a petticoat, elastic belt and bolero. The elastic belt proved very useful for one of the games where we needed to shove a cushion up our tops to pretend to be pregnant. If I hadn’t had that belt I would have actually had to somehow push it up inside my dress. The petticoat seemed like a bit of a hindrance when we played the game where we had to walk around with a dollar coin between our knees and try and get the coin in a vase. But somehow I ended up winning this game so it wasn’t too much of a hindrance. Here are the mum- and dad-to-be who don’t know what’s about to hit them. Ah, bless!

IMG_0031 A big shout-out OLE!-style to the Jamily Family and my old pal Jason who came to the Frocktober party yesterday and sponsored me. If you’d like to join them in keeping my sponsorship total ticking over, raising funding for ovarian cancer research, please follow this link.