IMG_0057Above is the answer to the age-old (or month-old) question – what frock does one wear to Little Athletics? Today it was a Rivers dress that I bought at the op shop that looks maroon, but up close it’s a red and black chevron pattern. I like its tulip shape because I hail from the 80s, even though that makes it kinda tricky to do anything much physical in it.


I didn’t let that stop me from being a big kid at the Children’s Week Picnic today.

IMG_0048I was chatting to the manager of the team who puts on the Children’s Week Picnic today, and she told me that she was expecting 10,000 people through the gates. Which made me think… that means there were about 55 girls and women there today who will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in their lifetime. And that’s 55 too many. Can you help support research into ovarian cancer? All you need to do is click on my sponsorship link here.