IMG_0067As you’ll know if you’re in Melbourne, Frocktober 27 started out very very wet. This pic was taken on the porch as I avoided our dripping gutters and tried to keep my hair from blowing in my face. Given the poor weather conditions, I thought this might be the best I could manage today for a photo, and that I’d have to get out this pic taken last month when the dress first arrived in the mail:

IMG_9100This dress is the Hell Bunny Suzy Parker and I won it for a bargain price in an online auction a little while ago, from Rockabilly Baby Vintage. The red shoes are with the shoe man getting fixed at the moment so I wore the black MaryJanes today. But despite my pessimism about having more photo opportunities today, when I walked in the door from work, the mini-photographer announced that it was time for the princesses to get dressed because the queen would be coronationing a new queen shortly. So I quickly pulled together an ensemble fit for a new queen and waited for the coronation ceremony.

IMG_0096Turns out the little blue princess was named the new queen and I shall remain a princess a bit longer. After the coronation ceremony there was a princess disco where the princesses changed outfits and danced the night away until dinner time.

IMG_0143IMG_0144As we hit the home straight of Frocktober, I want to send a thank you to the Strybosch clan for sponsoring me. I’m vaguely tempted to post a photo of the time Nick frocked up when we were in Salzburg and we’d been in a beer hall and were feeling like we knew how to solve a problem like Maria (dress up like her!). But I won’t. I’ll just say a big dank je wel and encourage you to take a click here and send me a sponsorship before Frocktober disappears. The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation thanks you.