IMG_0154Not one to wear frocks herself, my ginger photographer does have a favourite frock-themed song, and it’s this one:

So wearing this dress reminds me of my ginger photographer all day long, which is nice.

This outfit is almost totally from Kitty Deluxe. The shoes, the tights, the dress and the brooch/clip. The cardigan was second hand, and the necklace was bought from a market in Saigon when I was there for Patrick and Thoa’s wedding.

IMG_0163I appreciate how versatile the old LBD can be (I read enough Dolly and Cosmo in the summer holidays of my school years to learn this) but I can’t bear to wear plain black, so I like to bring out the coloured tights anytime I find my outfit looking too black.IMG_0158So we’re nearing the end of Frocktober and I wonder if there are any more people out there who have been meaning to sponsor me in support of ovarian cancer research, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Now is the time! Click here!

Greetings from my photobomber!