I’ve often walked past this sign in the local shoe shop and wondered what Werribee’s answer would be if only anyone was paying any attention to the question. I think that’s the social policy worker in me. I’m not sure that Doc Martens were intending it as a community consultation method when they sent the sign out to their retailers. Still, I felt it was a good backdrop for a Frocktober photo on our way to school yesterday morning.

I was wearing my Hell Bunny Evie dress which my ginger photographer got me for Christmas the year before last (she got me the Veronica from Saturday night last year – she chooses well, doesn’t she?). This style sits slightly off the shoulder which isn’t a look I’d wear to work. (What do you stand for Werribee? Covered shoulders.) But when I put this red cardi (from my big bag of second hand cardigans) over it, it sits just right on my shoulders. The great thing about this dress which isn’t immediately evident, is that it has pockets. Two neat pockets at the front which are perfect for carrying around emergency coffee money, a spare hair elastic and my security pass so I don’t get locked out of the office. Each time I’ve worn a dress without a belt to hook my pass on to this month I’ve managed to get locked out of work. That’s the downside of frocks. Possibly the only downside.

That full length photo doesn’t really do justice to the Evie because you can’t tell how cute the polka dot collar is. So here, take a look:

It also has this polka dot fabric at the back on flaps you can fold out. But I don’t wear it that way for fear of revealing my industrial strength bra. I haven’t explained the flaps very well but you can see them here.

I accessorised today with my black shoes because my red shoes were with the shoe man. I picked them up at lunch time. They’re fixed and live to see another day! Maybe even another Frocktober! Plus I had a big red hair rose and a Jubly Umph matryoshka necklace.

It’s not too late to send a donation to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation via my sponsorship page. Thanks for your stamina, folks. We’re almost there! On with Day 30…