IMG_0183Today I wore a nautical-themed dress that I scored as a swap in a Buy Swap Sell group on Facebook. When I got it, I couldn’t believe my luck with how well it fit and how nice it was! Today I wore it with a yellow submarine brooch and a pair of granny shoes from the Salvos in Blackburn.

IMG_0186I’ve always loved a nautical look, as you can see:

Pity I couldn’t find the right stripey socks to go with my dress today.

So around the time I turned 40 earlier this year I decided I wanted to take the lifetime love of nautical to a new level and have my photo taken in my nautical dress with a vintage life preserver ring. And so I did.

nauticalAnd more than that… I spent a whole day in Helen McLean‘s studio with Helen and Candice Deville, being made up and styled and posed. And not just me – it was the ginger photographer too! Here’s how we looked as a couple:

Eilis and Kristen(That frock has since been sold in the great Ebay garage sale of 2014.) Helen and Candice were truly amazing at understanding the look we both wanted and making us look pretty and sit exactly right and still act natural, and at the end of it all we had these amazing photos to keep. I especially love this last one because it kinda shows how good I feel about turning forty, and it shows today’s nautical dress at its best!

lyingdownToday I’ve had a flurry of sponsors boosting me towards the finish line. Hearty nautical-themed thanks to Katie, Kristen and Drew, Mary, Nicky, Finn and Leila, and Sarah and Flis for your support in finding an early detection test for ovarian cancer. If you want to hold my hand as I cross the Frocktober finish line tomorrow, you can sponsor me at this link. I can almost smell the tracky dacks from here!