Frocktober 31 finally came along, and I popped on an old favourite that I save for special occasions. It’s a well-travelled linen dress by Sprinkle Magic that I bought for my cousin’s wedding in Ireland, and also wore to my brother’s wedding in Vietnam. It’s more spectacular uncovered, with a halter that can stand up like a peacock tail. But I wore it covered with a cardigan for the office.

Because it was the last day of Frocktober and I hadn’t worn all my frocks, and because the Green Team at work were celebrating Buy Nothing New Month with an op shop fashion parade, and because I’m highly competitive, at lunchtime I did a quick costume change at my desk.

I changed into this silver dress that I bought from the Salvos in Werribee and added a belt and jacket from Vinnies in Hoppers Crossing, and shoes, necklace and scarf from Vinnie’s in Edithvale (and didn’t fix myself up in the mirror as you can see in this slightly bedraggled-looking pic). Good news is, I won! A $20 op shop voucher for me! To spend on more frocks!

Finally, evening came, and it was time for DJ Oily Shoes to make an appearance at Colleen Hartland‘s campaign launch. What a lovely and rare surprise to find the guest of honour herself in a frock! Being a Greens party, I figured it needed a touch of green, so out came the green tights.

It was a really lovely day, but the best thing about it was the burst of support from sponsors that saw me sprint to the finish line. Thank you to Al, Sarah, Marilyn and Michael, Bethia, Ainsley, Clare, Cas, Tim and an anonymous admirer for your generosity.

That’s all for Frocktober 31 but I reckon there’s one more wrap-up post coming a bit later today. For now, I’m off to figure out what on earth to wear today.