And here we are in November.
At the start of this caper I set my goal for $500, thinking that would be a nice amount to raise for ovarian cancer research. With the generosity of all you everyday heroes, I’ve tripled that! So thanks for watching. Frocktober would be no fun if no-one noticed I wore a different dress each day. And thanks for putting your hands in your pockets, Mum & Dad, Patrick, Thoa & Junior, Aunty Lil, Ursula, Rod & Bronny, Cristi & Sabdha, Adrienne & Kieran, Clare, Kate, Al, Annelise, Sandra, the Jamily Family, Alison, Michelle, Tim, Sarah, Sarah (yes, both of you), Kylie, Jamie, Kelly, the Strybosch clan, Mark, Nicky, Finn & Leia, Marilyn & Michael, Jason, joanna, Sarah & Flis, Fluffy & Wazzle, Julianne, Fiona, Ainsley, Bethia, Kellie, Anneliese, Katie, all the staff at DEECD Intergovernmental Relations and the staff at Wyndham City, and my anonymous donor. And especially thanks to the ginger photographer and the mini photographer who ensure that you weren’t subjected to the selfie photographer too often.

And a special thanks and hooroo to the women who’ve blogged and instagrammed their way through the month with me, like Ana, Julianne, Kylie and Tonia-with-an-eye. I’ve really enjoyed your company.

Three cheers for the gang who dreamed up Frocktober and turned it into such a great month!

And three cheers for the researchers who continue to work towards an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

Until next time…